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The ASPMQ represented its members by activately participating in regulations on winter tire requirements


  • Disposal of used tires
  • Regrooved tires
  • Reclaiming tires

Over the past few years, the ASPMQ has consistently improved and protected our industry in Quebec, particularly on the issue of reclaiming used tires with Recyc-Québec.


  • Promoting environmental best practices among its members through its participation in creating and instituting the CLÉ VERTE (Green Key) programme in its members’ auto shops.
  • Protecting the environment and road safety though its involvement in setting up the inspection and restoration program for vehicles more than eight years old.

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Special prices from PUROLATOR, UPS, and FEDEX… A website for comparing offers and shipping!

Flagship, a Canadian leader in online shipping services with discounts for small and medium businesses, now offers special shipping rates for ASPMQ members.

As a member, you’ll have access to: The SmartShip™ online shipping system

  • a simple way to compare discounted rates and choose the best courier for you
  • preferred rates for Purolator, UPS, and FedEX
  • practical savings of time and money
  • consolidated billing
  • renowned 24/7 customer service
  • free registration and no commitments

Whether you send a few packages a month, or as many as 25 a week, Flagship can save you time and money!


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bureau-plus Buro Plus


Get 40% to 75% off a wide range of office products. Get products like regular paper at a low price of $3.42, or 12 pads of Post-It sticky notes for just $2.75, saving 72% compared to market prices. To benefit from the discount, you must open a business account with Bureau Plus.


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credit Visa Desjardins and Mastercard


  • Standardized VISA Desjardins discount rate of 1.70 %**
  • Standardized MasterCard discount rate of 1.78 %**
  • Combined payment services for VISA and MasterCard
  • Desjardins assistance service for members

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discount Discount


Get 10% off the best rate offered when leading a car, and 15% off the best rate offered for leasing a truck.


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Alepin Gauthier

1 hour free of legal counseling per file for you and your employees.

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Group Insurance Program and VRSP

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Save up to 30% on your paper shredding services. Get professional service for your offices, starting as low as $5 per box of records.


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Preferred program of advantageous insurance products and services adapted to the industry.

centre-dentaire-lapointeLapointe Dental Centres


In addition to getting a free General Dental Consultation valued at $250, your members and their immediate families will get a gift certificate for $100 and 10% off on all treatments offered in any one of 16 branches.


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lunetterie-iris IRIS Lenses

Give your members and their immediate families a $150 discount when they buy a complete pair of prescription lenses and a $500 discount to apply to laser vision correction, in one of our 78 stores in Quebec.


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rabais-campus Campus Discount

Special rates on your newspapers and magazines with Campus Discount More than 260 Quebec, Canadian, American, and European publications available.


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 La Ronde

29% off at La Ronde


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