About us


The Association of Tire and Mechanic Specialists of Quebec (ASPMQ) was founded on June 17, 1969 Originally, it was named: “L’Association des réchappeurs et marchands de pneus du Québec.”

The ASPMQ represents the independent tire and mechanical part dealers and installers of Quebec. It is also represented within several Canadian associations, including the Tire Dealers Association of Canada.

Forty years of work and effort in every forum and at every level of government to represent and defend the interests of its members. When it comes to political, economic, operational, or other issues, the ASPMQ has never failed to represent its members and advance its positions.

The ASPMQ sits on the advisory table of Recyc-Québec, Auto Prévention, the Comité Sectoriel de la Main-d’oeuvre, the Parity Committees of Montreal, Sherbrooke, Mauricie, Quebec City, Lanaudière- Laurentides, and Chicoutimi, and the provincial table of parity committees.

The ASPMQ has nearly 300 active members across the province. These members are tire manufacturers, distributors, and installers, as well as spare part distributors and installers and other service providers.

our mission

The Association of Tire and Mechanic Specialists of Quebec is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring together all businesses, distributors, and installers that work in the field of tires and mechanic services in Quebec in order to protect, standardize, and develop all aspects of that industry. It offers its members support services, informative activities, and training in collaboration with various partners in the arena.


  • Bring together people, businesses, and companies involved in the sale, retreading, and installation of tires, spare parts, and mechanical equipment in Quebec in order to promote that sector of the industry and defend the rights of its members
  • Participate and collaborate in the success of its members by coordinating professional activity
  • Foster, encourage, and develop professional and personal relationships as well as exchanges of information and opinions
  • Represent its members and act in their common interest when dealing with government agencies, economic players, and public opinion shapers
  • Help establish and promote professional standards in the field of tires and mechanic services
  • Promote the passage and application of legislation favourable and appropriate to the association’s critical sectors
  • Collaborate in adapting, enacting, and monitoring existing legislation so that it contributes to the lasting success of the industry
  • Promote knowledge development programmes and contribute to the promotion of such programmes
  • Act as a centre for information on all subjects that affect its members and relate to the industry
  • Join and take part in any organization that could serve the association’s interests in order to achieve its goals
  • Publish and cooperate in the publication of periodicals, reviews, and journals to inform and advance the profession
  • Participate in, collaborate with, and evaluate the system for managing, recovering, and recycling used tires