Q- What is the ASPMQ?
A- The ASPMQ is the non-profit association that represents Tire and Mechanic Specialists of Quebec in several forums.


Q- What is its mission?
R- Bring together the businesses, distributors, and installers that work in the field of tires and mechanic services in Quebec to protect, standardize, and develop all aspects of their industry in accordance with the laws which govern it.


Q- Who were its founders?
A- On June 3, 1969, Georges Turcotte, François Ratté, Gilles Picard and Gaétan Métivier were issued the letters patent of the corporation now known as ASPMQ.


Q-Why was it founded?
R- To represent tire retailers on the various parity committees as an entity distinct from auto dealers and major chains, because their concerns are different.


Q-What has it achieved, and what are benefits of joining?
A- A partial list of the successes of forty-five (45) years of involvement in various political, economic, operational, and other issues:


1 “A real fortune” in $$ saved by all merchants thanks to the transfer of $3/tire burden paid by the consumer. This amount was going to be charged to merchants had it not been for the intervention of ASPMQ when RECYC-QUEBEC set up its used tire recycling and recovery programme.
2 Major financial windfall with the Winter Tires Law in Quebec, written with the help of the ASPMQ working with the MTQ (Quebec Ministry of Transportation).
3 Annual savings of $1000/service truck achieved by exempting tire service trucks from auto mechanic regulations on the Island of Montreal.
4 Major financial windfalls achievable by setting up the PIÉVA 8+ environmental program recommended by ASPMQ in concert with all stakeholders on the ADVISORY PANEL for Road Vehicles and the Environment.
5 Major savings expected from the creation of an oversize worn tire recycling and recovery program (farm, industry, off-road, and mining vehicles) through the ADVISORY PANEL, which the ASPMQ has called for.
6 Substantial $$ savings from Visa and MasterCard credit card fees.
7 Substantial $$ savings for insurance applications.
8 Representation in order to advance the viewpoint of auto mechanics at the Parity Committees of Montreal, Sherbrooke, Mauricie, Quebec City, Lanaudière-Laurentides, Lac St-Jean, and Rimouski.
9 Periodic lists of suggested rates for tire and mechanic services.
10 Advertising and awareness campaigns, e.g.: Defending the reputation of the profession, and Air Pressure Safety and Monitoring Week. Campaign against re-grooved auto and LT tires.
11 Defending the right to repair and adherence to warranties. Warning against dealer abuses with the help of the AIA.
12 Occupational accident prevention programs written with Auto-Prévention.
13 Labour training programmes created with the CSMO.
14 TPMS training seminars set up.
15 Training technicians with the Comité Sectoriel and CPCPA.
16 Training videos for service professionals (translation and publication).
17 Hosing social and business events: Golf outings, cruises, exhibits, conferences, visits, Hall of Fame, and others with our suppliers.
18 Representation and Participation in the Tire Dealers Association of Canada, which includes associations from Ontario, Quebec, the Western Provinces, and the Maritimes.